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Go rural is the slogan of every company now-a-days. The various reasons behind going rural is rising income, population, awareness among public regarding products and many more. The purchasing power in rural is on steady rise and it has resulted in the growth of the rural market. The market has been growing at 3-4% per annum adding more than one million new consumers every year and now accounts for close to 50% of volume consumption of FMCG. The growth rates of lot of FMCG are higher in rural markets than urban markets.

India's rural population exceeds 74% of the total, but even to-day its needs are served by unorganized distribution and retail outlets. Choice and Quality products or Services are almost unavailable to the rural consumer . The rural marketing system is plagued by multiple problems, of them the biggest being non-existence of village level certified, standardised and dependable retail outlets offering genuine products & services. The wide spread sale of counterfeit products in rural markets across various sectors such as automotive components, consumer goods , durables and electronic gadgets, medicines, cosmetics, pesticides and fertilizers has reached alarming numbers , capturing a market size of more than Rs. 1,25,000 crores annually through unorganized channels. Not only government and quality conscious manufacturers & service providers are losing revenue, but the rural consumer is being cheated and put to great risk due to the sale of non-hygienic and counterfeit products.

With this project we will ensure that consumers being the "real king of market" should get good quality products at reasonable rates. We are planning to open 10000 public stores across Rajasthan where public can buy all type of products under one roof. "India's future lay in her villages and it plays a vital role in India's economy"- by keeping this in mind initially we will focus on rural segment and later on urban areas. Through this project people at lower levels will get the employment opportunities, consumers will get healthy and hygienic products at affordable rates, high importance will be given to women empowerment. We will also provide other facilities like e-choupal, solar tools, medical aids, telecom apps and other e-education facilities etc. Let's come together and work for the betterment of society for a bright future.

Online shopping is rising day by day in India. Because India is the country where computer user's are increasing day by day so as the online shopping trends are also increasing.In past few years, so many online shopping portals are came up with very good product range. Competition between these stores is keep increasing day by day.The ecommerce industry of India is one of the fastest growing segment in the Asia Pacific region. With a staggering CAGR of 34.58% from 2009 to 2012, the Industry has expanded from INR 19249 Crore (USD 3.49 bn) to INR 47,349 Crore (USD 8.60 bn) in a matter of 3 years. This expansion can be mainly attributed to the decrease in the price of personal computers, growth in the number of active internet users and the extremely competitive Internet Service Provider (ISP) market.

Online Shopping In India

The Indian economy is slated to grow by upward of 6 % annually in the next few years which is among the highest rates of any big emerging economy. And quite a lot of this growth would be on the back of domestic consumption of goods and services. E-commerce is emerging as a great level given that organized retail is still not ubiquitous across the length and breadth of the country with large retail chains making up less than 10% of the market.

E-commerce is helping people in smaller towns in India access quality products and services similar to what people in the larger cities have access to. It?s being forecast that close to 60% of online shoppers would come from beyond the top eight large cities by end of this year.

Currently only about 10 million people do online transactions out of an approximate population of 200 million credit and debit card holders. However the latest industry report by First Data Corporation and ICICI Merchant Services indicate that there are about 150 million users that are ready? for e-commerce.

Thus through this project we are aiming to open up an online store where consumer can buy products while sitting at home. Initially we will start at Rajasthan level and later on will diversify to other states. We will provide products of all FMCG companies including personal care, confectionary & biscuits, snacks, beverages and commodities. Consumer will get the products at affordable rates with good quality. So just wait for things to happen in reality, coming soon- a new boom in Rajasthan.

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