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“Go green” Save the mother earth: Nature, one of the most precious heritages which have mankind ever had. Reuse, Reduce & Recycle! These are the three words that can and will truly make a world of difference and help save the earth. Literally too, if each individual does his bit!
Over the history of this planet’s existence the climate has changed numerous times. Today the climate is beginning to change once again and although we have not learnt from history, there are many things each individual can do to prevent drastic climate changes like we have seen in the past. Learning how the climate change can affect you is essential for everyone in the world today.
There is no doubt that the actions of humans on earth have been consistently contributing to the destruction of the environment and therefore the climate change. Global warming is by far the most severe form of climate change the world has ever seen.
“Go green”Save the mother earth is an initiative that takes definitive steps towards conserving our eco-system. Somya Group is contributing in its own way by taking up various initiatives like planting more trees around Rajasthan, conserving water, power and recycling waste. “Go green” works across levels – from school students to environmentalists to media professionals and through them educate and empower everyone about the cause of environment conservation.

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